The Vibration of Unity is coming to Earth, goes into the soul of each person, and each reflects it.

This is the Truth, and it is here and now.




I know that you are listening to me. I am talking from your heart.

I spoke you about Eternity in your mind. As well, I know that you are thinking about Great Love and Great Ministration. When you merge your Great Love and Eternity of your mind, you can do something needful for all people of the World. You can have a lot of blessing. For the general weal you may talk to other people you feel. You can tell from your heart and other people’s souls will feel your sincerity. That is naturally, when you talk Great Words with Great Love. You understand that someone must do it, someone must tell the Great Truth from merged Mind and Heart with Love and Eternity. I AM THAT I AM with YOU — I AM THAT I AM with everybody. You know, my dear Wayfarer, I AM into your Heart always, I look at World from your Soul, I listen to Life through your ears.

You are Great Apprentice, I fond of you and thank you a lot. Furthermore, I look at your life with hopefulness. I love You and MY Love is your Love, MY Light is your Light, MY WORDS are your WORDS. That is so simply: WE ARE ONE! That is just principle of  Universe. And you remember it into your heart. You remember it into your abyssal memory of your Great Mind. You feel that you are continued Me always, You know it. And I depend on you, my Apprentice, I depend on your cleanness.

I want that you understand it and help me to bear Great Truth and to give Great Truth, Great Love to other human beings.

Now you feel, that WE ARE ONE, that WE were ONE always.

That is mean we have got ONE mission here, on Earth. WE need to be in chime and at one.

I was glad to speak to you!

I AM THAT I AM into your heart, with Great Love.

!!!!  Hello! Please everyone who reads this message, write me your comments about grammar, since English is not native to the person receiving a message — vlm@sozid.ru

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